Twas the night before…

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It was the night before Theatre Uncut
and all through the house,
Kat was disturbing
Everyone and the mouse.

Today has been about putting together the finishing touches for the event tomorrow. I have all my props and costume packed. I have the flyer and programme files saved and ready to go. I have a list of things to do and text messages to send first thing tomorrow morning. Just one last planning session with Mr Strutt, co-pro of Team Geek Productions and done.

Just in case you haven’t seen, read or heard, I am producing a set of plays in Kingston, at the Rose Theatre’s Studio from 2.30pm under the banner of Theatre Uncut. The project itself was set up after Hannah Price learnt of the deep cuts made by the government and decided to do something about it. First to reply was a chap called Mark Ravenhill (rather influential chap whose name appeared in the early-mid 90s for a play about shopping and something…) who said he’d write a play. It grew from there. There are now 8 plays that are rights free until 12am on 20th March to produce of which I took advantage.

All these plays look at the cuts to the welfare state, healthcare and the vicious cycle of not knowing who any of the governments are trying to look after. These plays are a call to action and, in keeping with a British tradition, we can have a good ol’ laugh at ourselves on the way.

Tomorrow we will be putting on the play Mark Ravenhill wrote, A Bigger Banner, along with Lucy Kirkwood’s Housekeeping, Anders Lustgarten’s The Fat Man, Jack Thorne’s Whiff Whaff and Dennis Kelly’s Things That Make No Sense. All donations go to the Child Poverty Action GroupIf you can stop by, say hi.

I’m now passed the panicking stage and really looking forward to it. So tonight, after flapping all week, I’m going to take it easier, have a Guinness and take everything else in my stride.



Author: littlemissmandu

Polymath. Writer. Eurasian Daisy Steiner. Best Cheerleader '93.

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