No Exit, 8th November 2011

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Creative Team, November 2011

Producer: Kathryn Golding @goteamgeek

Behind Closed Doors ~ devised work
Director: Kathryn Golding
Actors: Tori Lyons, Kathryn Golding, Maria-Faith Mendoza and Sam Nunes de Souza
3 people. 1 room. No exit. For eternity. A physical-theatre interpretation ofHuis Clos  by Jean-Paul Sartre.”

lung/stove/bullet ~ reworking
Director: Rebecca Seymour
Actors: Josh Mathieson, Victoria Tucker and Hannah Turk
If this is hell, where is the torturer? Will they ever find a way out? A reworking of Huis Clos by Jean-Paul Sartre.”

Hell is Other People ~ devised work
Director: Christina Canning, with Eloise Hadenham, Mima Harris, Kim Lyzba and Frida Moss
This piece explores female serial killers and their past asking: Are people born evil?”

Another Man Done Gone ~ new writing
Written by Stuart Browne
Director: Jack McNaught
Actors: Angelina Borovikova, Alex John, Xanthe King and Daniel Storey
John McCreed is 3 days away from execution.This original piece of writing questions the legitimacy of the death sentence.”

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