Theatre Uncut, 19th March 2011

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Creative Team, March 2011

Producer: Kathryn Golding @goteamgeek

Things That Make No Sense by Dennis Kelly
Director: Kathryn Golding
Actors: Jenny Dunne, Georgie Farwell, Inés Loughrey,
Frida Moss and Kerry Williams

Housekeeping by Lucy Kirkwood
Director: Alicia Bloundele
Actors: Emily Case, Lucy Cole and Sam Reddin

The Fat Man by Anders Lustgarten
Choreographers & Directors: Stuart Browne,
Caleb Lloyd Hunte and Selina Welter
Actors: Sarah Bartholomew, Jenny Dunne, Claudio Vera Fernandez,
Inés Loughrey, Stefan Savage and Kelsey Williams

A Bigger Banner by Mark Ravenhill
Director Jennie Westbrook
Actors: Mima Harris, Sam Kozlowski, Simone Smith and Kelsey Williams

Whiff Whaff by Jack Thorne
Director: Kathryn Golding
Actors: Sam Kozlowski and Lacey Webdale

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