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So, I’m about to undertake a dissertation performance project. It’s a little bit scary but it raise an interesting question as to why we storytelling is such an important part of human tradition. I found the responses intriguing so I thought I’d share the responses from the Twittersphere…

‏@RachelLoveKellypeople telling stories about themselves like to talk about themselves. That is all. Self centred world we live in.

@CroonproductionTo hold a mirror up to humanity.To explain religion & psychology. To entertain and make sense of time and place!
‏@markgould13: Humans have always told stories to help them make sense of the world. From there it’s a short step to imaginative fiction.
‏@rebeccapeyton: To try to make sense of themselves, their lives and others and others’. And to explain these things.
‏@kwamekweiarmah: because it’s written into our code.
‏@Mark_Harbor: I tell stories, anecdotes really, to try to illustrate the point I’m trying to make…or sometimes to relieve tension
‏@sofckingchuffed@stephenssimon to escape, explore, rationalise & entertain, to inspire & give hope, & to be reminded that we’re not alone
@Mattmb69from the oral tradition on, narrative is the best way humans have to pass on info, experience, advice. We crave stories.
‏@inthewrongcrowdBecause they are one of the most fundamental tools we have for navigating our lives.
@Out_of_Jointone thing that’s interesting is how we believe/invest in stories. We care, even while aware that the narrative is fictional
‏@SuzieCappellaroI suppose a need to tell what we believe in? To make people closer to us? Depends on what story. In acting I do it because
‏@SuzieCappellaroBecause I want to take people on a journey, that is my way to give something. Unfortunately is very self centered activity
‏@StephensSimon: to make sense of fear and explore the ambiguous and uncertain and to explore what it is to be human. I reckon.
@1618theatrefilm: @StephensSimon ple tell stories…in evolution we watched the fire….then someone became the fire
‏@SarahButler100@InuaEllams To make sense of the world? I’d love to read the dissertation btw!
‏@shaundooley@inuaellams to keep history alive and therefore learn from our past mistakes. That’s what I think anyway! 🙂
@RachelRoseReid And ask 2012 UK Storytelling laureate @katricehorsley
‏@InuaEllamsMostly fear I reckon.
@Anthro_Kate : check out Sue Rowley writing on craft and narrative tradition, we identify ourselves by the stories we tell

 @Anthro_Kate: also Walter Benjamin writes about the lost art of story telling (which actually caused a Renaissance on story telling!)

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