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So happy Friday! It has been a while since I last posted anything and I thought I’d mention why.

Well, firstly I’m cracking at writing blog posts and then “sleeping on them”. Or just leaving them as drafts and not publishing them, which is the same thing really. Secondly, I finally finished my degree (Drama at Kingston University) so hoorah, hooray!

For the entire last year I was convinced I would be spending this year saving my pennies for MA Classical Acting but life, as it does, throws the odd curve ball. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with my life. Yes, still! But in the last week of assessments whilst I was still reeling from a nasty blow to the head (a story for another time I’m sure), I found out I’d been accepted on to the Royal Court’s Unheard Voices writers programme for the summer. Now this is an exciting next step indeed!

I’ve now done 5 weeks there. Already? Bugger. After this course has finished we will submit a full length script for consideration for production. Hmm. From there, the Royal Court have 3 choices (as far as I’m aware): 1. say “thanks but no thanks”; 2. say “hmm, interesting but needs more work. Let’s go” or; 3. say “err, well there goes my socks. Let’s schedule this bad boy in.”

There’s just one small problem: I need to work to earn money. And I have a distinction in Procrastination. And I don’t know what I’m going to write.  Okay, so that was 3 so how am I going to get around that?

Here’s the plan, Stan.

* Writing practice. Little and often.

Each week, we do tasks that are supposed to help us develop as writers. Each week I nod and think “Corr, this is gold” and then I go home and completely forget everything I’ve learnt. What a numpty.

Keep a diary.

This is more so that I can remember what I’ve been doing and how I’ve found that useful. I have been doing it already. But it’s in a notebook. I never reread my notes because I’m an idiot who likes pooters and stuff.


Well, doesn’t that seem a little obvious? Yes, yes it does but I need to read not only plays but more in-depth around subjects that upset or motivate me in order for me to write with confidence. This is something I’ve been struggling with as I have an idea but don’t feel confident in my own knowledge. Yet.

So just to keep me motivated. Here’s a picture I took whilst I was there yesterday.

Err, wow!

Seeing Enron’s WIP file or several files by some of the greatest playwrights we’ve seen. And it looks purdy too…

I did not open the door. It was left open. I did look though. How could I not? So amazing!


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