Unheard Voices ‘You’re so Grolsch’ (week 5)

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5 July 2012So by the end of the class, I’d had a bit of a panic sesh. All my own doing of course. I have been known to be a bit harsh on myself. Every now and again. It happens. So anyway, we have a session with actors, it was scheduled for next week and they’ve delayed it because, well like Grolsch, we’re just not ready yet! I’m certainly not. Every week I come up with these scraps of ideas but nothing that could be a fully recognisable play.  *panic panic* It has been suggested to me that I just get into the habit of writing and see where it takes me. But where to start? So, rather than get stressy about it, I did what I always do: I bought a book. This one to be precise:

Advice so far: write a lot, write every day. Write with every you have, using anything you have as inspiration. Resist the urge to plan (aarrrrrghh!) Dostoevsky said “There is no subject so old that something new cannot be said about it.” I had to be reminded again that this is for fun.

As Frankie says: Relaaaaaax!


Author: littlemissmandu

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