Music Video: ‘Home’ single, by Scrimshire

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Music Video: ‘Home’ single, by Scrimshire

♦ ♦ ♦

Creative Team, August 2011

Music by Scrimshire and Faye Houston
available on Wah Wah 45s

Director/Producer: Kathryn Golding @goteamgeek
Co-Producer: Katie Linstead
Cameraman: Dave Strutt
Additional shots: Francesca Chen, Adam Scrimshire and Cameron Wauchope
Choreographer: Selina Welter
Dancers: Caleb HunteJenny DunneKelsey WilliamsTori Lyons
Editors: Kathryn Golding and Adam Scrimshire
Stills: Rebecca Seymour and Clare Kelly
With thanks and support from Paul Martinovic


Author: littlemissmandu

Polymath. Writer. Eurasian Daisy Steiner. Best Cheerleader '93.

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