On the 1st day of December, my blog post said to you…

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Distraction can be productive. Sometimes. And cute too.

It has been a while. I didn’t even get around to posting anything for NaBloPoMo. Tut tut Mandu! As I’ve always been a late developer so I thought I’d try it for this month instead.

At the end of September, I submitted a play to The Royal Court and I gave myself some time away (sort of, I was working 6 days a week) from the piece so that I could go back, re-read and edit what I had submitted.

I thought I’d be able to get an edit out of the way by the end of November. This has not happened. I have taken to knitting toothless Beavers instead. You know, as you do.

But this can only go on for so long. So this month, alongside trying to earn enough to pay bills, and posting blogs everyday (I usually consign them to Drafts and then forget to actually post them – oops!), I’m also attempting to finish another edit for my first full length play: Muddy Dragons.

What I have at the moment is a reasonable second draft, I suppose but it’s not at a point where it’s produceable, at least I don’t think so. For me there are faults with the entire middle section. And I think there is a point when a play needs to be wrenched from a writer’s unyielding grip because at what point is something ever finished? How long can a writer sit and tweak? For me the answer is as yet unknown but most likely for a very long time. And that is what a deadline is for, so I need to buckle down, get on with it. Stop fecking about on social media and just do.

So on that note: Bysie bye!


Author: littlemissmandu

Polymath. Writer. Eurasian Daisy Steiner. Best Cheerleader '93.

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