With thanks to Half & Half

On the 2nd day of December, my blog post said to you…


Today is a pyjamas and movies sort of day.
What sort of  movies can I watch in the name of research?

I’ve also started reading a piece of research on mixed-raced relationships. Now this is actually real research! When I finally got an idea I thought I could run with, I got in contact with a couple of professors. One was particularly helpful, Dr Chamion Caballero (Research Fellow at London South Bank University), and sent me his own chapter from the book on International Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Mixedness and Mixing. Another person who has been incredibly helpful is Yvonne whose website, Half & Half, is the basis of Muddy Dragons, a compelling and largely untold story.

With thanks to Half & HalfI am equally fascinating and constricted with this research. I find it interesting but I also acknowledge that it is someone’s life. And to that, I want to do justice. But how? There is a point where I will have to take that little thing called Artistic Licence but with someone’s story. And I don’t know how to do that. Perhaps I am just using this as an excuse to get down to business. Perhaps I need to let go of the facts and run with the story and hope that Yvonne and her fellow mixed-raced community can forgive any errors or omissions in favour of the story.

Any advice?


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2 thoughts on “On the 2nd day of December, my blog post said to you…

  1. There’s actually a course at the City Lit that deals with this (Autobiography into fiction) – my cousin took it a month or so ago, and found it useful. Explores the issues around “fictionalising” real people and events. Was thinking of going to it myself 🙂

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