On the 4th day of December, my blog post said to you…

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Today I got quite a bit done. Alas it was mostly admin as I wear more than one hat, so to speak.

I don’t know if you know but rather recently, there was rather a lot of kerfuffle of a production of the”Chinese Hamlet” by the RSC. The easiest way for me to elaborate without spending 3 blog posts worth of space is to point you to the RSC’s own Facebook page. The comments in question are in response to the post starting with:

“We understand that the casting of our World Elsewhere season of three plays has led to much concern and are sorry that this is the case…”

Welcome back! I do think there is an issue of forgetfulness when it comes to East Asians as a minority. My all-time favourite comment has to be:

Anyway, it’s hardly the same asking for affirmative action for east-asians, aside from Hong Kong we never really colonised your end of the world. Sorry about the Opium wars and that, but it wasn’t like you were part of the Empire and had your indigenous culture co-opted, over-written and generally booted about by us palefaces, so we don’t feel the same guilt and need to make things up to you these days.

People from the subcontinent, the West Indies and Africa, well, there we’ve got a lot more to answer for so we do have to make a special effort.

I’m sure South Asians and Black Afro-Caribbeans are thrilled to know that their roles are pity-parts, BuckHucklebuck.

It is a shame that people see East Asians as too much a minority to get a fair chance to act too. Many of the actors I’ve come into contact with have suggested that competition is far less within the East Asian circuit therefore they have had more opportunities perhaps than otherwise, but most of them (as they are mixed race) have been asked if they could look “more Oriental”. Being pigeonholed is something that even big actors don’t care for, I can only imagine how East Asian actors have been feeling.

So as a result of the SOLT/TMAEquity and ACE have sped up their plans for an event promoting East Asian actors in theatre and I have been selected to be on the steering committee. The next meeting is this week and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a part change. Talks seem positive and, most importantly, keen for long-term change. So that was today, collating feedback of what would be the best thing to do at the event. Exciting and worthwhile I hope you agree but I need to now focus on other things.

As for tomorrow, this awesome video will tell you in the medium of song…


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