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How long will we be having this conversation for?? From Stella Duffy.

Not Writing But Blogging

This question was posted to my comments and (with the questioner’s permission) I’m posting it here and asking for your answers.
As you know, if you read this blog, I’ve written about this issue so many times, but I’d really appreciate other people’s solutions.
We know it’s unequal, we know we are the 22% (seen/broadcast/written about – Vida’s literary stats here, theatre IS as bad) despite being 50% (NOT A MINORITY), we want change and we want ways of making that change NOW.
So yes, do suggest your favourite monologues that aren’t for semi-naked women.
I have, for example, already suggested my Mrs, Shelley Silas’s Mercy Fine, for powerful roles for women.
But the question is much bigger than already-written work, it is, like the brilliant Equal Writes, about what else can we do? What can we do to create change?
How do we make the sea-change?

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