(My) Top 3 @TED_TALKS for Easter: JJ Abrams, Sheryl WuDunn, Tony Porter

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So yesterday, I told you why I love Amanda Fucking Palmer. If you are one of the few people who aren’t aware of TED and their series of short but awesome talks, go check it out. Especially the older posts. Because no one knew what they were doing so they’re different.

(For those of you who’ve stumbled across this blog post by accident, I’m a writer, equalitist (equality for all, y’all!) and lover of all things film, TV and theatre.)

Yesterday I posted Amanda Fucking Palmer’s TED talk video. She is amazing. I know some of you who know she is, and respect her, even if you’re not a fan of her music. So I’ve decided to post a few more as I know that some of you lovely friends and subscribers like the more inspirational stuff 🙂

#1.”The Man Box”, a call to men. A fantastic insightful talk by Tony Porter from 2010. What a mighty good man, yes he is. (11 mins)

“My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman.”

The collective socialisation of men

#2. “With great power, comes great responsibility”, a global challenge. Sheryl WuDunn with some of the most amazing and inspirational stories you will ever hear on breaking a vicious cycle from 2010. (18mins)

“If you’re not fully utilizing half the talent in the country, you’re not going to get too close to the top ten” ~ Bill Gates.

If you fancy learning more about some of the most amazing women in the world, Sheryl’s book (that she co-wrote with Nicholas Kristof) is called Half the sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. ISBN: 978-0307387097

#3. “Mystery is more important than knowledge…” JJ Abrams is one of my favourite filmmakers so here’s his from 2007: (18mins)

“No community is best served when only the elite have control.”

What comes next? Well JJ, that’s up to us all isn’t it. So go! Get ’em! Start the weekend with a bang, xo


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