Q&A with David Henry Hwang

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It was such a privilege to be there and the show is amazing…

Theatrical Geographies

Last Saturday, I was privileged to do the public Q&A with David Henry Hwang at the UK premiere of his 2008 award winning play Yellow Face at the Park Theatre in Finsbury, London. Thanks to Kevin Shen, Lucy Fenton and David for inviting me to do this!

We had 45 minutes of lively and humour filled discussion where David relayed experiences from his career, his influences as a writer, as well as – of course – a discussion about racial and ethnic minorities in theatre. David remains only one of two Asian American playwrights to be produced on Broadway (the other being Rajiv Joseph) and is a leading light for theatre makers worldwide, not simply in America. I can honestly say that reading David’s work is how I started doing my research and has influenced its development in my book. But as we discovered, it was also influential to a number…

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