More Shorts from #ShortSighted2013. Including work from @lukesnellin, @kibwetavares, @Rob__Morgan, @asallen, @FatRatFilms, @AbrahamsNick

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Okay so I’m rather behind on my blogging. Bad Mandu! But there are good reasons for it!

Yesterday I spent the day at BAFTA at their Short Sighted event which is invaluable to new and aspiring filmmakers.

I’ll put together the rest of the tips asap but in the meantime, here are some of the shorts or trailers shown or mentioned on the day…

live-action short by Luke Snellin.

Trailer for The Search for Inspiration Gone
live-action short by Ashley Michael Briggs
For more information, head to the film’s website.

Trailer for Swimmer
live-action short by Lynne Ramsey.

Robots of Brixton
animated short by Kibwe Tavares.

Trailer for Bobby Yeah
animated short by Robert Morgan.
Also available to watch (AND download to keep forever and ever) in full, for $1

The Thomas Beale Cipher
animated short by Andrew S. Allen.

(That chap wot made the “Paper” app.)

Act of Terror
animated, documentary short by Fat Rat Films.

Ekki Múkk , film #10 from the Sigor Rós album Valtari
live-action short by Nick Abrahams.
Links to the full album videos can be found on the Sigor Rós site.


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