25 Things You Should Know About Antagonists

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Taken from Chuck Wendig’s excellent site, Terrible Minds. These are just the headings. For the full scope, head to Chuck’s website which is a gem.

1. Real People With People Problems

2. Meaning, They’re Not Just Fuel For The Plot Engine

3. Like I Just Said, Opposition Is Key

4. I Like Kittens, You Punch Kittens, Now We Fight!

5. Like Krishna, Except A Total Jerkoff

6. Antagonists Think They’re The Protagonists

7. Evil For The Sake Of Evil Is Yawntastic, Snoretacular

8. The Motivations Of Awful People

9. Black Hats, White Hats, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

10. Nemeses And Arch-Enemies

11. Vivisect Your Favorite Antagonists In Pop Culture

12. Now Look To Your Own Life

13. Write From Within The Enemy Camp

14. Holding Hands With Monsters

15. Over-Powered Is Under-Interesting

16. (But We Won’t Buy “Under-Powered,” Either)

17. Still Abide By The Rules And Laws Of The Storyworld

18. Chatty Cathy Clip Your Strings

19. Freak Me Out By Forcing Me To Emotionally Connect

20. Antagapalooza

21. Arctagonist

21. Ideas And Institutions And Other Non-Charactery Antagonists

23. The “Kick The Cat” Moment

24. Let The Antagonist Win

25. Love To Hate, Hate To Love



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