Why the word ‘matter’ is problematic in @BetsySharkey’s “30 Under 30 Who Matter” with @Equill

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I think some of the actors and actresses on Sharkey’s list are absolutely incredible but if you’re going to bandy about an idea that places value on a list of actors that are white-than-you’d-like, you can only contribute to the issue not solve it.

I’m particularly keen to watch the careers and choices of Desiree Akhavan, Katie Leung, Quvenzhane Wallis and Adam Bakri as they develop. Here’s a link to a LA Times | Desiree Akhavan the LA Times recent article on Desiree Akhavan too.

And this is Erin Quill’s blog post “This particular matter does matter, matter, matter – an answer to “30 Under 30 Who Matter”.”


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