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Anthony Minghella quotes

Here are some of my favourite Anthony Minghella quotes for writers and filmmakers:

1. “I’ve been writing for over twenty years, all my adult life, and so I suppose that I’ve made peace with myself and my hopeless, undisciplined technique. I’ve stopped unravelling everytime I’m unable to write. I wait. The drawer opens. Waiting is part of writing. When I write the word ‘waiting’ by hand it even looks like ‘writing.’”

2. “You know, you lose a lot of social skills if you’re a writer. You spend too long alone. And it’s forced me to address that.”

3. “The imaginative leap for me of writing for women is no more difficult than the one of writing for men. I’ve always wanted to have women well represented in the work that I’ve done because I’ve always been around them and around the way they look at the world.”

4. “Nobody wants to make any film, ever. I mean, you can assume that every head of every studio would be perfectly happy never to make another film, because making films is dangerous, costs too much money, none of them make sense, there’s absolutely no guarantee that they’re going to work – the best thing is not to make any; you can’t get fired for not making a film – you’re going to get fired for making the wrong film. And so you realise that the first words anybody in the movies wants to say is no, and the job of the director or producer or writer is finding the area of least resistance to get the film made. There’s never been any movie I’ve made that anybody’s wanted to make, ever.”

5. “I feel like such an amateur film-maker, but not an amateur writer. I will always feel like a writer who directs and not the other way round. An American studio don’t understand why I feel the need to write my own work because they don’t respect that the screenplay is everything. The screenplay is the musical notes, and then you play the notes to make the film”.

Anthony Minghella

6. “The writer has to be indifferent to the realities of filming. The well-behaved film writer, the writer who’s writing for his or her director, is of no use. There has to be a kind of antic level to writing, which the director then has to formalise in some way…I try to never censor myself when I’m writing”.

7. “The madman should be writing and the sane person should be trying to work out how to do it. You can’t be sane and insane simultaneously. I think that I’m a very rebellious writer of screenplays and a quite conservative director of them”.

8. “The film community has all these redefinitions of terms, often amusing: net profit means no profit, residuals means no profit, producer equals liar, lawyer equals frustrated agent, agent equals frustrated director, director equals frustrated actor.”

Anthony Minghella, 1954 – 2008

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Why the word ‘matter’ is problematic in @BetsySharkey’s “30 Under 30 Who Matter” with @Equill

I think some of the actors and actresses on Sharkey’s list are absolutely incredible but if you’re going to bandy about an idea that places value on a list of actors that are white-than-you’d-like, you can only contribute to the issue not solve it.

I’m particularly keen to watch the careers and choices of Desiree Akhavan, Katie Leung, Quvenzhane Wallis and Adam Bakri as they develop. Here’s a link to a LA Times | Desiree Akhavan the LA Times recent article on Desiree Akhavan too.

And this is Erin Quill’s blog post “This particular matter does matter, matter, matter – an answer to “30 Under 30 Who Matter”.”

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BFI Education’s Nicky North retires


The legendary Nicky North, mainstay of BFI Education since the 1970s, will retire next week. Over the years, Nicky was responsible for producing groundbreaking study materials and organising events that built the foundations for the BFI’s central role in UK media education. Many of us owe her a great deal.

bfiwatch wishes Nicky a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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Nothing Like a Good News Week at ALL…oof

Gotta love the Fairy Princess…


The Fairy Princess is pleased to announce that she will be Co-Hosting the charity event, CELEBRITY DOODLES, which is held annually in Palm Springs, and benefits Desert AIDS Project on APRIL 5th, 2014.

Here is the Doodle I did for them 2 years ago –

The Fairy Princess loves Palm Springs, and she is thrilled to have been asked – she began her love affair with Palm Springs 4 years ago with the SPARKLE Concerts produced by Scott Nevins and Mark Jones, and has made many wonderful friends and had a brilliant time each and every time, so – thank you Doodles for asking, see you in April!

The Fairy Princess has not been blogging that much, because well, everything has been depressing, right?

The last few weeks, in terms of the news, have been truly, truly awful – there’s people being attacked in Russia because of the way…

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More Shorts from #ShortSighted2013. Including work from @lukesnellin, @kibwetavares, @Rob__Morgan, @asallen, @FatRatFilms, @AbrahamsNick

Okay so I’m rather behind on my blogging. Bad Mandu! But there are good reasons for it!

Yesterday I spent the day at BAFTA at their Short Sighted event which is invaluable to new and aspiring filmmakers.

I’ll put together the rest of the tips asap but in the meantime, here are some of the shorts or trailers shown or mentioned on the day…

live-action short by Luke Snellin.

Trailer for The Search for Inspiration Gone
live-action short by Ashley Michael Briggs
For more information, head to the film’s website.

Trailer for Swimmer
live-action short by Lynne Ramsey.

Robots of Brixton
animated short by Kibwe Tavares.

Trailer for Bobby Yeah
animated short by Robert Morgan.
Also available to watch (AND download to keep forever and ever) in full, for $1

The Thomas Beale Cipher
animated short by Andrew S. Allen.

(That chap wot made the “Paper” app.)

Act of Terror
animated, documentary short by Fat Rat Films.

Ekki Múkk , film #10 from the Sigor Rós album Valtari
live-action short by Nick Abrahams.
Links to the full album videos can be found on the Sigor Rós site.

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Top 3, (Arrgh!) Top 5 Short film via @RichardStanden_ @mkseibati @RuairiRobinson @jeremyncole @ChrisCreature

Sitting in the BFI last night discussing my favourite short films so I thoguht I’d share them all with you so these are my top 3. They probably tell you way more about me than the rest of the blog but for me, these shorts are some of the best example of scriptwriting and visually the sort of movies I like to watch in a perfect short.

So simple, so wonderful.

Script and shooting spot on. Visual treat.

Beautiful, touching, horrifying.

Better make that FIVE!!

Great dialogue and well observed characters.

Just beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do.